What potassium hydroxide KOH is all about

What potassium hydroxide – KOH is all about

Potassium hydroxide – KOH is a non organic compound with the formula KOH, which is usually called as caustic potash. The colorless solid of potassium hydroxide – KOH is a prototypical strong base, which can also be found from the sodium hydroxide. Of course, potassium hydroxide – KOH has many niche and industrial applications. Similar to caustic soda flake, potassium hydroxide – KOH is mostly exploited for its corrosive nature and reactivity towards acids. For information, an estimated of seven hundred thousand tons of potassium hydroxide – KOH were produced in 2005. Indeed, this was a very huge number of chemical compounds, which is about a hundred times lesser than the annual production of sodium hydroxide. Potassium hydroxide – KOH is well known as the precursor to most liquid and soft soaps as well as chemicals that contain huge amount of potassium.

Potassium-hydroxide-nuansakimiaThe color of potassium hydroxide – KOH is either white or yellow. The warning for its danger is quite strong because the caustic potash is reactive to water, corrosive, and harmful if swallowed. Thus, we must be careful in taking care of this potassium hydroxide – KOH.

Other potential health effects caused by this caustic potash include severe eye burns, ingestion and inhalation problems. Direct contact of this potassium hydroxide – KOH with our eye may cause ulceration of the cornea and conjunctiva. As well, this potassium hydroxide – KOH may cause deep and penetrating ulcers of our skin. Put it differently, the caustic potash may become one cause of the burns of the skin.

As above, potassium hydroxide – KOH is very harmful to be swallowed. If human swallows this compound, he or she may get circulatory system failure. Indeed, this is very dangerous when our system of circulatory fails to operate. In addition, the potassium hydroxide can cause severe digestive tract burns due to perforation, which may lead to abdominal pain, vomiting, and possible fatality.

Without a doubt, direct contact towards potassium hydroxide – KOH is highly dangerous. Therefore, we must know all about the effects so that we can prevent them to happen towards us. Another harmful effect of potassium hydroxide – KOH is related to inhalation. If we inhale this compound, we may be caught some irritation that may lead to pulmonary edema and chemical pneumonitis. Additionally, the potassium hydroxide – KOH can cause the irritation of upper respiratory tract with burns, breathing difficulty, coughing, and possible coma. Without a doubt, we must be careful when handling such caustic potash. As well, the potassium hydroxide – KOH may cause chronic effects, including dermatitis affected by repeated or prolonged skin contact with the compound. Similarly, prolonged or repeated eye contact may result in something called conjunctivitis.

potassium hydroxideBesides the bad effects of potassium hydroxide – KOH, there will always be the first aid actions to lessen the potential severe effects caused by the compound. First of all, if the potassium hydroxide – KOH get into contact with our eyes, we must flush them with plenty of water for more than fifteen minutes. While doing so, we also need to lift our lower and upper eyelids occasionally. After that, we must get professional medical treatment as soon as possible. In the same way, when the potassium hydroxide – KOH gets into our skin directly, we must flush the skin with plenty of water together with soap immediately. We need to do this at least fifteen minutes. If there is clothing or shoes being contaminated, we must discard them at once in order to limits the exposure.

On the other hand, despite the dangerous effects brought by the potassium hydroxide – KOH, we may also find the uses of this compound. One of the functions is, as above, precursor to other potassium compounds. A chemist must already know that many potassium salts are prepared through reactions of neutralization that involves the potassium hydroxide – KOH. Other uses include the manufacture of biodiesel, soft soaps, an as an electrolyte. Considering the functions, the existence of potassium hydroxide – KOH must also very be significant.

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potassium hydroxide – KOH